Student Profiles

At Upstate we are very proud of what are students accomplish during medical school.  Below we have highlighted just a few of our remarkable students.  Come back regularly to see new stories about our students!

NIH selects 2 Upstate Students
Christina Marcelus & Daniel Lichenstein

Zach Visco



Two Upstate Medical University students have been chosen to participate in a prestigious and highly selective research training program with the National Institutes of Health.  Read More>>


Helping Hands
Zach Visco '21, Eric Merrell '20 & Jade Marhaba '20

Zach Visco




It's natural for medical students to want to impact the lives of their patients, but three Upstate students are going beyond the norm by using 3D printing to create low-cost solutions for medical problems.  Read More>>


Reading Buddies
Alex Paley '19

Reading Buddies



Upstate medical student Alex Paley '19 was such a familiar face at Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School in Syracuse, he grew to expect the exuberant greeting from third-graders.  "There's Antwain's reading buddy!" they'd shout when he walked down the halls.  Read More>>


An Evidence-Based Approach
Jordana Gilman '19

An Evidence-Based Approach
A future Ob/Gyn's research aims to improve health outcomes through better contraception.  Read More>>


MD/PHD Student wins $60,000 Research Award
Nick Huang '22
Michael Fisher MD

Upstate MD/PhD student Nick Huang has received a prestigious Rheumatology Research Foundation Future Physician Scientist Award.  Read More>>