Student Profiles

At Upstate we are very proud of what are students accomplish during medical school.  Below we have highlighted just a few of our remarkable students.  Come back regularly to see new stories about our students!

Telling Stories
For Mallory Rowely '23, practicing medicine and writing about it are deeply intertwined.

Facing cancer is a life-altering experience, one marked by uncertainty, fear, and isolation.  But for some patients, writing about their experiences and feelings provides a powerful coping outlet.  Read more>>

A Soundtrack for Medical School
For Alan He '24, Music and Medicine are complementary pursuits.

Jessical Astudillo

After a long day of classes or a grueling exam, you're likely to find first-year medical student Tianfang "Alan" He at his computer composing electronic music.  Or perhaps jamming out to some Jimi Hendrix.  For as long as he can remember, music has been his passion.  Read more>>


Dreaming for Change
Upstate DACA student Jessica Astudillo '21 hopes to complete her residency in the US

Jessical Astudillo

While many view the November election as the most important of their lifetime, the stakes are higher for some than others, including the estimated 699,350 "Dreamers" whose status in the United States is dependent on protection from DACA.  Read more>>


Taking PPE to the Streets
Medical students create pandemic "care packages" for CNY's homeless

Stephen Lucas and Summer Carbone

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, essential protective gear such as masks, hand sanitizer, and gloves became increasingly difficult to come by.  And for homeless individuals with little to no resources, those items were simply out of reach.  Read more>>


Visions of Equity
Student conference aims to empower health activists against health care inequities

Visions of Equity

"There is power in the white coat you wear."  That was the message imparted by gun violence prevention advocate Kina Collins, speaking at the Health Justice Conference 2020 at Upstate Medical University.  Read more>>


Food as Medicine
Natalie Antosh '20

Food as Medicine

As a third-year medical student in her clinical rotations, Natalie Antosh '20 encountered a common theme in caring for primary care patients. Read More>>


NIH selects 2 Upstate Students
Christina Marcelus & Daniel Lichenstein

Zach Visco



Two Upstate Medical University students have been chosen to participate in a prestigious and highly selective research training program with the National Institutes of Health.  Read More>>


Helping Hands
Zach Visco '21, Eric Merrell '20 & Jade Marhaba '20

Zach Visco




It's natural for medical students to want to impact the lives of their patients, but three Upstate students are going beyond the norm by using 3D printing to create low-cost solutions for medical problems.  Read More>>