Scholarship Donors

Scholarships are created for numerous reasons.  Many want to "give back" to their institution that helped shaped their careers and develop their passion for medicine.  We are grateful for our many donors and friends who support our institution and assist current medical students with the continuous increase in medical school tuition.  

Here are a few of their stories.

Jerome C. Goldstein, MD '63 and Rochelle Goldstein Scholarship
"I am so grateful for receiving a superb medical education at what was then a bargain price.  In recognition of the overwhelming debt that our current students accumulate, I wanted to give back to the institution that helped spearhead my medical career in Otolaryngology and head/neck surgery with the hope that this award will help support students interested in this field." -Jerome Goldstein, MD '63


Robert Eitches, MD '78 Scholarship in Honor of Shirley & Irving Eitches
"I grew up in a small, middle-class town in upstate New York which has fallen on bad times.  There are few doctors there and those who do practice are overworked.  Although I myself did leave the area, I feel an allegiance to upstate New York and want to do all I can to bring quality doctors back there.  The scholarship is for medical students who wish to practice Family Medicine in rural upstate New York and is in honor of my parents who lived most of their lives there.  It is my way of giving back to the community." -Robert Eitches, MD '78

Dr. Oscar and Mrs. Luba Trief Memorial Scholarship
"My father, Dr. Oscar Trief, loved being a physician, and especially being an obstetrician/gynecologist.  He pursued his dream, with my mother at his side, through many years of hardship.  This scholarship allows me to recognize their commitment and courage, while supporting an aspiring physician who shares his passion for medicine." -Paula Trief, PhD

Suzan and Philip Gaynes, MD '63 Endowed Scholarship
"Fifty years ago I was a poor medical student.  At the end of my second year I unexpectedly received a S.U.N.Y. scholarship.  Suzy and I have never forgotten the appreciation and gratitude we felt.  At this point in our lives it is a privilege to find ourselves in a position to enhance the lives of others in some meaningful way."  -Philip Gaynes, MD '63

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