Student Reimbursement

Student Reimbursements

The Upstate Medical Alumni Foundation strives to promote and afford our medical students educational opportunities during their four years at Upstate. As of Wednesday, Octobert 17th, 2018 our Board of Directors has increased the student reimbursement for actual expenses to $300.00 per calendar year. *Please note that receipts must be submitted within 60 days of conference/event to qualify & reimbursement pertains to expenses incurred with that calendar year.  See the application below for complete guidelines.

General Guidelines:

    • Reimbursements are only granted for expenses incurred by attending or presenting at medical seminars, conferences, missions trips, etc. Requests must be for academic purposes only.
    • Reimbursements are granted on an individual basis.
    • Applications should be submitted after the event.
    • Each request is subject to the approval of the Medical Alumni Foundation.
    • Original receipts must accompany application and proof of attendance is necessary.
    • Reimbursements will not cover additional expenses such as snacks, alcohol and meals for other students.

Contact us at (315) 464-4361 or with any questions you may have.