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Career Advisory Network

The Career Advisory Network gives students the opportunity to connect with alumni and local physicians. Students can explore their interests in various specialties or residency programs and gather advice from those with first-hand experience in that field. Questions? Contact us for more information at (315) 464-4361 or

Ask Questions, Get Answers

Our mentors know that being honest and realistic is important and they will give you the straight answers you are looking for.  Go ahead, ask the tough questions that will help you make decisions with your long-term goals:  What is life really like in this specialty?  Which residency programs will help me to prepare for the future?  Who are the leading researchers in this field?

"A chance to meet real life people in the field"

", relaxed atmosphere"

"Doctors were friendly, open and willing to talk about a wide-range of topics"


Network with Alumni

Make connections with alumni and physicians across the country.  Start a casual conversation by email to learn about opportunities in that area or specialty.   

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Attend the Event

Held once per year in January, the Career Advisory Networking Event brings this initiative to life. MS1, MS2 & MS3 students can speak with current mentors about their interests. This year's event will be held virtually and you will need a computer or laptop with internet access to attend the event.

Career Advisory Event
Date: Jan 2023 (TBA)

On-line registration will open in late November 2022.