Alumni Profiles

At Upstate we are very proud of what are alumni accomplish.  Below we have highlighted just a few of our remarkable alums.  Come back regularly to see new stories about our accomplished alumni!

Skin Specialist
Christine Yang Finnin, MD '14
Alexander Weingarten



Early in her medical education, Christine Yang Finnin, MD '14, found herself fascinated by lectures on the skin and slides of skin lesions. Read More>>


Public Health Crusader
Virginia A. Caine, MD '76
Alexander Weingarten



During a time when black women were not very present in the health care industry, Virginia A. Caine, MD '76, saw a path. Read More>>


Acting the Part
Stephen J. Knohl, MD '97

Our Internal Medicine residency program uses theater arts to help residents improve communication. Read More>>

 Fighting Opioid Abuse
Alexander E. Weingarten, MD '80
Alexander Weingarten



While physicians have been blamed for fueling the opioid epidemic, Alexander E. Weingarten, MD '80, is working to be part of the solution. Read More>>


Second Act
Carol L. Bender, MD '72
Carol Bender



Retired after 32 years of private internal medicine practice, Dr. Bender has found a new calling: serving America's veterans. Read More>>


From Doctor to Dancer
Marla B. Bruns, MD/PHD '08
Marla Bruns, MD/PHD '08



When she's not consulting with patients, however, you're likely to find Dr. Bruns trading in her doctor's white lab coat for a swirly, elegant gown to compete in regional ballroom dance competitions.  Read More>>


Native Son
Asif Bashir, MD, HS '07
Asif Bashir, MD, HS '07



Many foreign physicians dream of training and practicing in the United States or the United Kingdom.  What's far less common, is bringing that medical expertise back to the home country, Pakistan.  Read More>>