Lost Alumni

Help us find Lost Alumni

Because of moves, marriages, and other changes, Upstate has lost track of some of our alumni over the years. We’d love to reconnect with our lost alumni so that they may receive the Alumni Journal, reunion information, invitations to regional receptions and more.

If your name is on this list, please join our secure on-line community where you can create or update your profile;  or email Chere Raven in the Alumni office your new contact information; or if you know alumni on the list, please let them know we are looking for them. Thank you!

Class of 1943
Robert L. Griffith

Class of 1944
Harry M. Bell

Class of 1946
Marjorie Green

Class of 1952
Harvey R. Wasserman

Class of 1954
William L. Hinds

Class of 1955
Antonio O. Rivera

Class of 1957
C. David Widger               

Class of 1958
Norman Solomon

Class of 1959
Rita C. Hottenrott

Class of 1961
Arnold Lilien
Peter Pender
Robert C. Rubin
William A. Tucker
John T. Watson

Class of 1963
Raymond Zimmerman

Class of 1967
Edward Bonavilla
George Levi
Robert J. Miller

Class of 1968
Albert Hausfather
Barry Joseph

Class of 1970
Anthony Tam
James Vogeney

Class of 1971
Robert O. Knapp

Class of 1972
Deyan Popovic

Class of 1973
Richard L. Harris
Michael P. Owen

Class of 1974
Elmer B. Brooks
Ira C. Berman

Class of 1975
Jonathon Kelly

Class of 1976
David Altman

Class of 1978
Sharon Hammond

Class of 1979
Mary Hom

Class of 1982
Shari Stirling
Dian H. Lubkeman

Class of 1984
Charles Miller

Class of 1985
Robert David

Class of 1988
John Ribaudo

Class of 1989
J. Marc Pipas

Class of 1991
Sheryl D. Brown-Murray
Joanne M. Delpozzo

Class of 1996
Ju Hyeon Cho

Class of 2001
Lisa M. Howard
Andrew Xist

Class of 2004
Sarah A. Armstrong

Class of 2007
Lindsay Sit

Class of 2008
Darren J. Alexson

Class of 2009
Amy Biondich

Class of 2010
Thomas Man

Class of 2011
Yoon-Hee Hong
Stephanie Humber

Class of 2012
Muhammad Faruqi
Jun Park

Class of 2013
Rhonda A. Dillo
Aditya H. Kaliat
Megan Pope


Class of 2015
Matthew S. Auyoung
Patrick J. Abt
Karen A. Janiszewski
Samuel Michel
Michael C. H. Miller

Class of 2016
Naomie Delone
Adam R. George
Dong-Hee Kim
Eposi S. Mbame
Willy W. Tjong

Class of 2017
Kimberly Cheng
Justin X. Tu