Scholarship List

Scholarship & Endowment Listing

Our thanks goes out to the alumni and friends of the Alan and Marlene Norton College of Medicine who have funded the scholarships and endowments listed below.  Their generosity has enabled us to support current medical students and various programs throughout the University.

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Peter J. Adasek, MD '65 Scholarship

Dennis L. Allen, MD '72 and Linda Riffe Allen Endowed Scholarship in Memory of John B. Henry, MD

A. Geno Andreatta Scholarship

Benjamin N, Mollie P, Gerson H Aronovitz, MD '57 and Martin W. Aronovitz, MD '65 Memorial Scholarship

Stanley A. August, MD Memorial Scholarship

Zaven S. Ayanian, MD '59 Family Scholarship

John R., MD '84 and Deborah L. Ayres Endowed Scholarship

Theresa Baltera Memorial Scholarship

N. Barry Berg, PhD Scholarship for Musculoskeletal Medicine

The Martin Black Family Scholarship (Endowed by Drs. Martin, Gerald, Michael and Robert Black)

Elliot Brandwein, MD '67 and Arlene Eckstein Brandwein, MD '68 Scholarship

Sharon A. Brangman, MD '81 Award/Scholarship in Geriatrics

George J. Buchholtz, MD '52 Scholarship

Bernard J. Burke, MD '43 Scholarship

Cady Family Scholarship

Leonard D. Carpenter, MD '33 and Ruth E. Carpenter Memorial Scholarship
CHANGE Scholars

David L. Charney, MD '68 Endowed Scholarship

Class of 1955 Scholarship

Class of 1965 Memorial Scholarship

Class of 1966 Scholarship

Class of 1971 Scholarship

Carol Kavanagh and Class of 1973 Scholarship

Class of 1977 Scholarship

Class of 1979 Scholarship

Class of 1980 Scholarship

Douglas (Ed Ben-Edison) Cox, MD '63 Scholarship

Edwin T. Dailey, MD '68 Memorial Scholarship in Radiology

Andre de Corla-Souza, MD '00 Memorial Scholarship
Dewan Scholarship

Alfred W. Doust, MD Endowed Scholarship in Otolaryngology

The Dracker Family Scholarship

Robert Eitches MD '78 Scholarship in honor of Shirley and Irving Eitches

Alfred F. and Shirley D. Enwright Endowed Scholarship

David M. Essom, MD '56 Scholarship

Joseph Fischer, MD'79 Memorial Scholarship

Medical Alumni Foundation Founders Scholarship

Sarah Loguen Fraser, MD Alumni Scholarship

Freedman/Nelson Scholarship

The Friendship Scholarship in honor of Ernest Found, MD '80, in memory of his wife, Ellyn Slocum Found, and his daughter, Caroline Slocum Found

Joseph J. Gadbaw, MD 12/'43 and Ann Gadbaw Scholarship

Max Gara and Robert H. Gara, MD '56, Scholarship

The Garakani Family Scholarship

Suzan and Philip M. Gaynes, MD '63 Scholarship

Susan E. and Welton M. Gersony, MD '58 Endowed Scholarship

Samuel Gersten, MD '39 and Martha Gersten Endowed Scholarship

Jerome C. Goldstein, MD '63 and Rochelle Goldstein Scholarship

I. Bruce Gordon, MD '63 Scholarship in Honor of Professor William H. Bergstrom

Diane Green-El, MD '78 Memorial Scholarship

Sahib Saran Gupta Memorial Scholarship

Douglas W. Halliday, MD PhD '79 Scholarship

Frances A. Harmatuk, MD '41 Scholarship

Edward F. Higgins, MD '78 Scholarship

Geraldyne B. and Grant H. Hobika MD '52 Memorial Scholarship

Jerry Hoffman Advocacy Award

Robert V.P. Hutter, MD '54 and Ruth L. Hutter Scholarship

Kathleen A. Iles, MD '18 Memorial Scholarship

Kasten Aker Family Scholarship

E. Gregory Keating, PhD Memorial Scholarship

Martha S. Kincaid, MD Scholarship

Sonya LaBella Memorial Scholarship

Stanley D. Leslie, MD '51 Memorial Scholarship
Lowell Scholarship

Lynch Family Scholarship

Alphonse A. Maffeo, MD '72 Scholarship

B. Dale Magee, MD '75 Scholarship

Edward A. Major, MD and Stephen Major, MD Psychiatry Award

Helen and Albert F. Mangan, MD '54 Endowed Scholarship

Angeline R. Mastri, MD '59 Scholarship

Patrick T. Mathews, MD '03 Memorial Scholarship

McAnarney Family Endowed Scholarship in Pediatrics

James L. McGraw, MD '41 Scholarship

Medical Alumni Scholars Awards

Gustave P. Milkey, MD'43, and Janet B. Milkey Merit Scholarship

James and Dolores Moffett Memorial Scholarship

Peggy and Adolph Morlang, MD'66, Scholarship

Joseph A Morra, MD "Renaissance Man" Memorial Scholarship

Rudolph J. Napodano, MD'59 Scholarship

Sam and Carol Nappi Endowed Scholarship

Nathan and Ada August Memorial Scholarship

Patricia J. Numann, MD '65, Endowed Scholarship

Adam Oberlander, MD Class of 2005 Memorial Scholarship

Onondaga County Medical Society Medical Student Scholarship

Allan J. Press, MD '67 Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Tarakad Ramachandran Neurology Award

Michael H. Ratner, MD '68 Endowed Scholarship

Betty Reiss, MD '68 and Jacob Reiss, MD '68 Family Endowed Scholarship

Monroe Richman, MD '55 and Esther Richman Scholarship

Samuel Rosenthal, MD '64 Scholarship

Rural Medicine Alumni Endowed Scholarship

Sanders/Kilkelly Scholarship

Schein Family Scholarship

Jack J. Schneider, MD '66 Scholarship

Julius Schwartz, MD '33 Scholarship

Setnor Family Endowed Scholarship (endowed by Rose and Jules R. Setnor, MD '35 and Stanford S. Setnor, MD '42)

Ara A. Sheperdigian, MD Memorial Scholarship

John B. and Henrietta E. Simeone Scholarship in Memory of Fiorindo A. Simeone, MD

Frederick W. Sloan, MD '74 Scholarship

Brian P. Sorrentino, MD '85 Memorial Scholarship

Susan B. Stearns, PhD, Scholarship for Community Engagement

Mallory Stephens, MD '54 Endowed Scholarship

Ellen Lawson Stevens, MD Endowed Scholarship
Rosemary Stevens, MD Annual Scholarship

Ralph Stevens, MD '81 Madison-Oneida Counties Scholarship

Keith Stube, MD '88 Endowed Scholarship
Student Citizen Awards

Marc A. Subik, MD '79 Family Scholarship

Swift Family Legacy Grants

Dr. Oscar and Mrs. Luba Trief Memorial Scholarship

Harold H. Wanamaker, MD '56 and Barbara Wanamaker Scholarship

Andrew D. Weinberg, MD '78 Memorial Geriatric Scholarship

Herbert M. Weinman, MD '65 and Suzy Weinman Scholarship Award

Alan L. Williams, MD ’70 and Luanne G. Williams Scholarship

Susan and Jack Yoffa, MD '69 in Memory of Elaine Yoffa Hornung

Frank E. Young, MD '56 and Leanne Young Endowed Scholarship

Rick Zogby, MD, Class of 1984 Memorial Scholarship



Class of 1968 Primary Care Endowment



Susan and Gustave L. Davis, MD '63 Summer Fellowship for Pathology

Ellen Cook Jacobsen, MD '50 Fellowship in Psychiatry

Pediatric Residents Endowment for International Studies



The Welton M. Gersony Pediatric Lectureship

Robert V.P. Hutter, MD '54 and Ruth L. Hutter Endowed Lectureship

The Donald and Mary Elizabeth King Endowed Lectureship

The Lawrence Pickett, MD Endowed Lectureship in Pediatric Surgery
Reiss Family Visiting Lectureship in Ethics and Equity



Stanley A. August, MD Endowed Professorship in Pediatrics

Medical Alumni Endowed Professorship in Bioethics

The Patricia J. Numann, MD ‘65, Chair of Surgery

Lloyd S. Rogers Endowed Professorship in Surgery

Leanne and Frank E. Young, MD '56 PhD Endowed Chair in Biomedical Science