Legacy Society

Our Legacy Society honors those alumni and friends who have included the Upstate Medical Alumni Foundation in their estate plans.  Click here to learn more about Planned Giving.

* Deceased

Peter J. Adasek, MD ’65
Stanley A. August, MD ’69*
Aldona L. Baltch, MD '52*
Carol L. Bender, MD '72
Leo S. Bell, MD ’38*
Mat G. Boname, MD ’26*
Arline I. Bourner*
Kathryn* and George J. Buchholtz, MD ’52*
Bernard J. Burke, MD 3/’43*
Jane and Benjamin H. Button, MD ’58*
Colonel Bruce Campbell* and Mrs. Marie Campbell*
Robert H. Cancro, MD '70
Ruth* and Leonard D. Carpenter, MD ’33*
Edwin T. Dailey, MD ’68*
Alan M. Davick, MD '67
Frederick Dushay, MD ’57
Mark S. Erlebacher, MD '79
Walter F. Erston, MD ’70
Robert E. Ettlinger, MD '72
Mary Elizabeth Fletcher, MD ’41*
Edwin J. Foley, MD ’31*
Robert H. Gara, MD ’56*
Martha* and Samuel Gersten, MD ’39*
Amy and Leon I. Gilner, MD ’74
Catherine and P. William Haake, MD ’65
Carlyle* and Ellen Cook Jacobsen, MD '50*
Emma M. Kent, MD ’35*
Paul L. Kupferberg, MD '70
Donna W. Layden, MD ’82*
Stanley D. Leslie, MD ’51*
Michael S. Levine, MD '66
Geraldine G. Lynn, MD ’40*
David T. Lyon, MD ’71
Albert F. Mangan, MD '54*
William G. McKechnie, MD ’54*
Sydney L. McLouth, MD ’40*
Roy S. Moore, Jr, MD ’45*
Cheryl Morrow Brunacci, MD ’97
Patricia J. Numann, MD '65
Barton Pakull, MD '61
Stanley M. Polansky, MD '74
Lloyd S. Rogers, MD*
Seymour H. Saltzman, MD ’51*
Donna and Gerald F. Schwartzberg, MD '63
Rose* and Jules R. Setnor, MD ’35*
K. Bruce Simmons, MD ’79
Suzanne and Brian Sorrentino, MD '85*
Alice J. Turek, MD ’51*
William Wickman, MD ’36*