Board of Directors

Medical Alumni Foundation Board of Directors

If you are interested in joining the Medical Alumni Board of Directors or becoming involved in the Medical Alumni Foundation, please contact us at (315) 464-4361 or email


Larry Charlamb, MD '88
Larry S. Charlamb, MD '88


Barbara A. Morisseau, MD '98
Vice President

Thomas A. Bersani, MD '82

Danielle A. Katz, MD '97


Richard M. Cantor, MD '76
Peter J. Christiano, MD '85
Barbara Clayton-Lutz, MD '92
Barbara Jones Connor, MD '82
Dennis D. Daly, MD '83
Mantosh J. Dewan, MD
Robert A. Dracker, MD '82
Mark S. Erlebacher, MD '79
Brian J. Gaffney, MD '72
Douglas W. Halliday, MD '79
Ruth H. Hart, MD '80
Robert H. Hill, III, MD '06
Bruce M. Leslie, MD '78
Kirsten P. Magowan, MD '87
Mark S. Persky, MD '72
Amy L. Reynders, MD '01
Charles J. Ryan, III, MD '82
K. Bruce Simmons, MD '79
George L. Stanley, Jr., MD '94
Ralph L. Stevens, MD '81
James A. Terzian, MD '75

Ex-Officio Members:

Christopher Morley, PhD
Lawrence Chin, MD
Julie White, PhD


Frederick R. Davey, MD '64
Richard W. Doust
Karen K. Heitzman, MD '83
Patricia J. Numann, MD '65
Michael H. Ratner, MD '68
Gregory A. Threatte, MD '73
Jack E. Yoffa, MD '69

Honorary Member:

Sadri Garakani