Alumni Profiles

We are very proud of what are alumni accomplish.  Below we have highlighted just a few of our remarkable alums.  Come back regularly to see new stories about our accomplished alumni!

A Lifetime of Achievement
Richard Cantor, MD '76, HS '79

For many physicians, retirement is a time to set medicine on the shelf to focus on leisure pursuits.  For Richard Cantor, MD '76, HS'79, retirement from clinical  medicine provides more time for the advancement of pediatric emergency medicine on a state and national scale. Read more>>

The Second Act
James Wilson, MD '89

For 25 years, James Wilson, MD '89, was the sole pediatric neurosurgeon practicing in the state of Maine.  "The average neurosurgeon does 150 to 200 cases a year, and I averaged more than 425 cases," he says.  Those patients were... Read more>>

Refugee Care
John Lofrese, MD '18

Having newly completed his internal medicine residency, John Lofrese, MD '18, was looking forward to beginning work as an attending at Camp Pendleton in Southern California.  He had barely settled in when he received notice he was being deployed... Read more>>

The Aftermath of Disaster
Patricia Williams, MD '78

On December 10, 2021, a devastating tornado hit Mayfield, Kentucky, killing 130 people and flattening much of the town, including the Mayfield Consumer Products Candle Factory, where nine workers died. Read more>>

Demystifying the EKG
Anthony Kashou, MD '18

Growing up as the son of an interventional cardiologist in Binghamton, NY, Anthony Kashou, MD '18, dreamed of following his father's career path.  But as a third-year medical student, Dr. Kashou found learning to read EKG's a challenge during his internal medicine rotation. Read more>>

An Alternative Path
Alison Mitzner, MD '97

After five years as a pediatrician in private practice in New York City, Alison Mitzner, MD '97, was second-guessing her career choice.  She loved kids.  And she loved the science of medicine.  But she found the day-to-day of her clinical practice simultaneously too stressful and too repetitive. Read more>>

Laser Treatment Pioneer
Gerald Goldberg, MD '78

During his 37-year career, dermatologist Gerald Goldberg, MD '78, has pioneered the use of laser, treating complicated conditions ranging from vascular birthmarks in children to extreme rhinophyma. Read more>>

Tackling Health Disparities
Wendy Wilcox, MD '94


When it comes to breast cancer in New York City, there are still disparities in care for communities of color.  Wendy Wilcox, MD '94, a clinical system lead for women's health and chair of obgyn for NYC Health+ Hospitals/Kings County, has practiced obgyn and women's health with a focus on achieving health equity and eliminating disparities across populations throughout her career. Read more>>

Combating Coronavirus
Matthew Doust, MD '98


According to the Washington Post, one person in the US died of the coronavirus every 28 seconds during the month of January.  At the same time, scientists and physicians across the nation and world were working to bring additional vaccines to market to combat the virus. Read more>>

Mythbusting Menopause
Heather Hirsch, MD '10, MS


As a fellow in women's health at the Cleveland Clinic, internist Heather Hirsch, MD '10, quickly zeroed in on one patient population that was particularly desperate for help-women in midlife and menopause. Read more>>

Communicating with COVID Patients
Tamatha Fenster, MD '08 &
Marc Schiffman, MD '03

Drs. Fenster and Schiffman

It's not uncommon for Upstate College of Medicine alumni Tamatha Fenster, MD '08 and Marc Schiffman, MD '03 to work surgical cases together at Weill Cornell Hospital in New York City, where Dr. Fenster is a gynecologic surgeon and Dr. Schiffman is an interventional radiologist.  But COVID-19 provided the environment for an entirely new collaboration that may continue long after the pandemic subsides. Read more>>

From OR to ICU
Joshua Schoen, MD '02

Joshua Schoen, MD '02

Anesthesiologist Joshua Schoen, MD '02, spent the pandemic intubating covid patients. Read more>>

Stepping Up
Jennifer McConnell, MD '94

Jennifer McConnell, MD '94

Car accidents, sports field concussions, heart attacks, insulin spikes. Whenever someone has a medical emergency in a grocery store, on a plane, on the road during a sporting event, if Jennifer McConnell, MD '94, is on the scene, she's often the first to offer help. Read more>>

Pioneering Therapies for Genetic Disorders
Gabriel Cohn, MD '86

Gabriel Cohn, MD '86

Cohn's interest in medical genetics began as an undergraduate at Brooklyn College, where he was involved in research to understand the genetic composition and DNA of viruses. Read more>>

Treating the Whole Patient
Paul Stobnicke, MD '53
Paul Stobnicker, MD '53
There are few physicians that have the perspective on changes in medicine that Paul Stobnicke, MD '53 does.  This 95-year-old, still licensed to practice in New York State, says that changes during his 65 years of family practice are nothing less than extraordinary.  Read more>>

Using Imaging to Prevent Suicide
Robert Bard, MD '68
Robert Bard, MD '68

The New York City Police Department is experiencing an epidemic of suicide, with 10 officers taking their own lives in 2019 as of mid-October. Read More>>

Allergies and Sleep
Shelley Berson, MD '86
Shelley Berson, MD '86

Approximately 40 milion people in the United States suffer from chronic sleep disorders. Otolaryngologist, Shelley Berson, MD '86, says many of them suffer from allergies. Read More>>